The upcoming warmer season is quickly approaching and many brides are finishing up last minute details for their spring wedding. The spring season is a popular option for weddings because of appealing works of art found in nature that are beginning to bloom and the comfortable temperatures so it is easy to see why spring is the best time for a wedding. Fortunately, there are many unique trends that brides are incorporating into their dream wedding celebrations. Here are some spring wedding trends to help you plan that special day.


The location of the wedding ceremony and reception are one of the most important elements to consider when planning a wedding. In the spring, brides are fortunate because of the larger selection of destination options. Today, brides are utilizing unconditional areas for their weddings. Barns and wooded areas are becoming the most popular options for a wedding ceremony and reception because of the beautiful natural areas they promise. A barn area and a wooded area are also easier to decorate and furnish because they provide ample space for guests to sit and dine. Of course, brides who utilize a barn or wooded area will also save a large portion of their wedding budget compared with renting a hotel or reception hall. Plus, the addition of a natural area is one of the hottest options for brides today so it is easy to see why the use of a barn or wooded area are trendy options for wedding planning this spring.


When planning a wedding for the upcoming spring season, brides must incorporate a bit of creativity into their special day. This day is only meant to happen once in a person’s life so adding memorable touches and accents is smart. Today, many brides are using unique ideas such as the release of butterflies after the wedding ceremony. Although this is not a common option, brides enjoy this idea because it is perfectly suited to a spring wedding. The location does not matter, of course, since brides can bring nature indoors at their church or reception hall with the butterflies. However, a butterfly release is also a great option for an outdoor wedding. Unfortunately, butterflies are not for every bride so brides can choose other details that are still creative yet more suited to their personality and style.


In the past, brides would stress over their wedding color scheme. Today, this is not a huge priority for most brides. This spring, the hottest trend is the use of a variety of colors. Although some brides will prefer a traditional color scheme, others will have a more fun and whimsical look to their special day with large amounts of color. Colorful cakes and flowers, mismatched bridesmaid dresses, bold and bright pops of wedding linens and china, and appealing decorations that are not classic or elegant are all fun additions for a trendy wedding this spring.

Planning a wedding is a dream come true for many brides. Fortunately, the spring of 2014 enables brides to think outside the box when planning their special day. Unique colors and locations and fun an whimsical options are all the necessary requirements for a successful wedding this spring.

Author – Shelby Leimgruber is a creative writer who works at Cloverlawn Butterflies in Orlando, Florida. Shelby is also an extraordinary social media consultant that has a passion for finding new and innovative forms of online digital marketing.