Receptions, which follow the same routine such as welcoming and celebrating the newlywed couples and also incorporate sharing cake, have become rather boring nowadays. Surely, you must have been to a wedding reception where everyone is happy, a huge cake is cut and eaten and everything ends up with a good drink. However, now couples can become more creative by hiring an affordable South Bend DJ to host the party with fun games and accompanying them with good music. This, not only entertains the guests, but also urges them to participate and makes the reception a success.

When guests are included in the reception, it becomes even more lively and entertaining and actually becomes the ‘talk of the town’. All the guests feel happy over the fact that the new couple had included them in their happiness. The fun games, which are hosted by the affordable South Bend DJ, are really entertaining and it provides the guests with the opportunity to mingle with them and meet each other; instead of sitting in a corner and making groups. Since marriage is said to be the union of not only two lovers, but also of two families, the fun games give it that happening touch.

One of the famous games that is hosted by the South Bend DJ is known as the ‘want it now’ game, where there are no exclusions and boundaries. It comprises of all the people present at the reception, from children to elderly persons.

For this game, the affordable South Bend DJ gets to be made the master of ceremonies. Just before the reception starts, the DJ will prepare a list of ‘wants’. Then, at a given time during the reception, the DJ will pass on commands from the list. If the South Bend DJ, for example, says he wants a woman with painted toenails, all women in the hall must run towards the South Bend DJ to the front. The first one reaching the DJ her team, which is the table she is sitting at, wins a point. The points are then tallied and bumper prizes are offered to the winners of the fun game. The South Bend DJ also has surprises. For example, the DJ can ask for a man to find a brown purse, and the latter will do exactly that and bring it to the DJ to make his team earn the point.

Hiring an affordable South Bend DJ is a brilliant idea, for the variety of games that they offer to make the reception a whole lot more fun. Another example of their games is the musical chair. It is not the classical one, but, a very innovative game, where men in the reception kneel on one knee, to act as the chair. The women will dance around them when the music is on, but as soon as the DJ stops the music, the women will have to find a knee to sit on. There is elimination, but if the women succeed to sit on the men’s knee without falling, they continue the game, otherwise they face elimination.

If you have quite a few guests coming in from distant place, it is a good idea for you to try to get them to know each other and this is best done through a game. An MC would be needed for this particular game and the guests would have to be broken into two separate groups. Just get people to count off 1, 2, 1, 2 until the whole group is either 1 or 2. Both the groups would now band together for the rest of the game. A series of questions would be asked by the MC about the bride and groom.  Both the teams have to work together to answer these questions, which would then be confirmed by the bride and groom.

Receptions need not be grandiose, but a simple reception can be a success and become very entertaining. It should make the guests feel like they have been a part of the happiness, joy and satisfaction, for which they were actually invited. They should feel happy at the end, even if they are tired. The guests should recall the reception as the best one they have ever been to, and this can only be possible, by hiring an affordable South Bend DJ.