Weddings are one of the most beautiful memoirs that the society will have after a couple’s ceremony. After the first part, which normally takes place in the sanctuary the real celebration begins at the reception. In order for the couple to have a nice wedding reception, everything must be in order. Music forms a very integral part of the wedding reception and therefore when thinking of hiring a wedding DJ in South Bend it is important that top five questions are asked.

 When looking for that wedding DJ, it is important that the research is well carried out. DJs differ in professionalism, experience, style and price. Since the wedding day is special, one needs to take care that they get quality but affordable services. It is wise to look for ways that will really cut your budget but at the same time maximizing on the service.

1. Are You Available on My Wedding Date?

The first question that one needs to ask the wedding DJ in South Bend is whether they will be available on your wedding day. It is unwise to plan an event based on assumptions. If the DJ will be available, it would be better to provide them with information regarding the number of guests that you are expecting, the time the reception will take place, the location of the reception and what exactly you are looking for to avoid disappointments. This will prepare the DJ in advance to know the have the necessary systems in place and also to have a relevant play list.

2. Can You Supply References of Previous Work?

What are their testimonials, references and skills? All professional DJs are licensed for their music. The licensing body allows the DJs to make copies of their sound recordings for the purpose of public entertainment. It is important that while looking at the testimonial of the DJs, the previous brides and grooms experience with the potential DJ should be considered. Professional DJs also should have liability insurance. This is very important and many events require that people should have one. It will be able to cover any unfortunate thing such as an accident that could happen at your wedding.

3. Do You Sign A Contract With Me For Your Services?

Does the DJ have a written contract? When dealing with this type of people it would make it easy and straight forward. Confirmation of the price and the services that will be included will be clearly stated. It would also make you aware of the price and the down payment that will be required. The method of payment will be reflected and the policy of cancellation will be clearly given. Some written contracts also include the dress code that the groom and bride will require the DJ to have. In stead of having the DJ come casual with jeans and some t-shirt, they could arrange that he wear something more formal that will go well with the day’s theme.

4. What Is Your Music Style?

What style of DJ are you? A DJ who rocked a teen’s party may not so likely give a wedding reception a rock. One should look for a DJ that will give the guests a nice feeling at the dance floor.

Be careful while choosing a wedding DJ in South Bend who will make your wedding memory memorable.