The perfect wedding means something different for everyone. However, one of the most important elements of a wedding, and the part that is truly where the bride and groom get to have some fun, is the wedding reception. This is why it is important to plan properly so that your wedding reception is everything you have ever dreamed it could possibly be and then some.

Start Early

The moment you get engaged, or shortly after picking a date, is the prime time to start jotting down some ideas about what you want included in your wedding reception. This stage of putting your ideas down will help you as you wade through all of those options to create the right scenario for your special day. This works wonders when you cut out pictures from magazines, take pictures of things you like and want incorporated in to your reception and simply laundry list everything you could possibly want at your wedding.

Create A Feasible Budget

The budget for a wedding, and especially the costly wedding reception, is a sticking point for many brides to be and their families. This is because one needs to ask if others are helping to pay or whether the bride and groom will need to save and pay the bills on their own. This is why a budget is an important reception planning tool as you may want high end food and drinks but your budget just simply may not allow for that to happen.

Wedding Reception

Ask and Test Drive Everything

The decisions you make for your wedding reception, from the venue to the caterer to the baker, all will require you to do a little due diligence to help ensure everything you choose is just right for your budget, your style and your tastes. This is why starting the process early and taking time to interview, taste test, visit and ask others for their opinion about everything is essential in planning the perfect wedding reception.

Don’t Be Shy

One of the pitfalls in planning a wedding reception is that there are many aspects of the event that need to come together just right. Some find a wedding planner is helpful and others find the cost prohibitive or they want to handle everything on their own. One way to get through all of those decisions you need to make as you move through all of those planning stages is to not be shy and ask for references, ask for taste testing sessions and even ask for discounts. This helps keep the reception within your budget and give you the confidence in your decisions that you make all along the way.

Careful planning, starting early and paying attention to every last detail will go a long way in helping to assure that your wedding reception is one that will have you feeling your best, being proud of what you have created for your wedding reception and simply giving your magical day that extra special ending it rightfully deserves. From the food to the drinks to the dancing and beyond; a well-planned wedding reception is a memory and milestone to treasure for a lifetime.

Author – Zoe White is a professional blogger for Cloverlawn Butterflies. She is a southern California native who loves the beach, sports, and trying new foods. For more great wedding reception ideas check out