At The Royal Scots Club we are proud to be one of the leading wedding venues Scotland has to offer and we have seen every kind of wedding dress imaginable. Depending on the kind of person you are you might want a traditional dress, veil and train or you might want something that’s bang on trend for 2014. Here we’re looking at some stunning 2014 wedding dress trends that you may want to take inspiration from. Your Edinburgh wedding will not be complete without the right dress.

Color Splash

White is traditional, ivory is popular but what about red? A survey of the industry suggests that over 25% of young brides are now opting for a brightly colored dress such as one in red, pink or blue. If you have a favorite color then why not be the centerpiece of your own wedding and base the theme around your own favorite color and use it for your dress.

Leading designer Vera Wang has produced a stunning crimson wedding dress which one brave bride will surely shine in. Bridal shows in 2013 were awash with vibrant shades and pretty pastels and this isn’t set to change in 2014.

Sleeve Style

It’s hard to believe that the Royal Wedding was nearly four years ago but the Duchess of Cambridge’s style is still popular amongst many young brides. Her now classic sleeved McQueen dress has inspired thousands of similar creations and maybe simple yet elegant sleeves could be what attract you to your dream wedding dress.

Floral Highlights

With retro and vintage continually popping into fashion a couple of floral touches to your wedding dress could be exactly what you’re looking for. A flower or two can add a really girly touch to a plain dress and they’re perfect for an outdoor wedding or a bohemian themed special day.


Black and white may not be your first thought when you think of a wedding but the last thing you want is to look like Cruella De Vil. If you’re brave enough to give black and white a go then the perfect monochrome design will start with a classic white dress and combine panels or flourishes in black. If you prefer to keep it traditional then why not invest in black bridesmaid’s dresses and carry out your monochrome theme that way.

Peplum Petals

Give your wedding day a bit of pep with a classy and chic peplum dress. Peplum waists are flattering and at the height of fashion. It’s a great way of softening the edges of a pure white dress and you could choose for your peplum to be in lace or tulle for a fairy tale romance look. Peplums also add a little wiggle to your walk and make it feel really special on your special day.

Ensure your Edinburgh wedding is the best day of your life with every element perfectly complete. The right dress could be the deal breaker so keep our trends in mind.

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