A Wedding To Remember!

Here’s the scenario: Your wedding invitation arrives in the mail. Your wedding guest is wondering if it will be just another wedding or will it have the potential to be one of those “magical” weddings? What is a “magical” wedding? It’s a wedding with a truly exceptional theme and everything planned down to the last detail. It’s a wedding where the guests are constantly saying, “Wow!” It’s a wedding where the guests sigh when the band announces, “This is the last song of the evening.”

Turn Ho-Hum Wedding Traditions Into New, Unique And Extraordinary!

Let’s face it. After a guest attends a few weddings, he or she doesn’t need the wedding program to follow along. Bride follows the bridesmaids. Vows are spoken. Rings are exchanged. Wedding candle is lit. Procession exits. Rice is thrown. It’s a sad but true theory about “ho-hum” weddings. Well, what if you could add something to your wedding day that no one expects? Would you like a new tradition celebrated at your wedding that is memorable for the guests, too? Well, today is your lucky day.

Combine Beauty, Nature and the Unexpected!

No one can resist the majestic beauty and elegance of the BUTTERFLY. Its flirtatious beauty captivates all who lay eyes on such an amazing and breathtaking species. Imagine seeing one dozen of these mesmerizing beauties flying in your view. Well, you can experience such majesty by adding a live butterfly release to your wedding day magic. The young and the young-at-heart will giggle with glee as you open the box to reveal a flurry of healthy, gorgeous, live fluttering butterflies released into the wild blue yonder! It will be a uniquely colorful sight that will create a lasting impression. Your wedding will instantly be one worth remembering.

Why Is A Butterfly Release Ideal For A Wedding Celebration?

Releasing butterflies during a wedding can have a special significance for a bride and groom. This vision of beauty can signify that your love will soar like a majestic butterfly. It can celebrate the exhilaration of a special beginning or the unlimited potential of your future together as a couple. Perhaps it is a “remembrance sign” for family and friends who are unable to be present but with whom you wanted to acknowledge as part of your special day. Whatever the significance, you can rest assured that all guests will be, “oohing and aahing” at the magnificent sight of a butterfly release. Heads will be looking up towards the sky with eyes glued as each and every angelic butterfly happily flutters out of sight.

Where To Order Your Wedding Butterflies?

You can order butterflies online from Cloverlawn Butterflies, a small family owned butterfly farm in Orlando, Florida. They breed Painted Lady Butterflies in the best natural environment and even hand-feed. They ship healthy adult butterflies for release. Let them add you to their list of happy brides and grooms. Add the magic of the butterfly to your celebration and you and your guests will experience an awesome, unique memory.

Amit Gangrade is from Orlando, Florida. He is a recent alumn from the University of Florida, where he studied anthropology and Spanish, and will be attending law school in the fall of 2014.